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Queueing theory

Book Chapter

Scalable Stochastic Modelling for Resilience [PDF]
Jeremy T. Bradley, Lucia Cloth, Richard Hayden, Kloul, Philipp Reinecke, Markus Siegle, Nigel Thomas, Katinka Wolter
Resilience Assessment and Evaluation of Computing Systems
November, 2012

Journal Articles

Mean-field approximations for performance models with generally-timed transitions [PDF]
Richard Hayden
SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review
December, 2011
A generalized method of moments for closed queueing networks
Giuliano Casale
Performance Evaluation
Volume 68, Issue 2, pp.180–200
February, 2011
Geometric Bounds: A Noniterative Analysis Technique for Closed Queueing Networks [PDF]
Giuliano Casale, Richard Muntz, Giuseppe Serazzi
IEEE Transactions on Computers
Volume 57, Issue 6, pp.780–794
IEEE Computer Society
May, 2008

Journal Special Issue Article

Product-form approximation of queueing networks with phase-type service
Giuliano Casale, Peter G. Harrison, Maria Vigliotti
SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review
Volume 39, Issue 4, p.36
March, 2012

Conference and Workshop Papers

Performance-energy trade-offs in smartphones
Tiberiu Chis, Peter G. Harrison
The 19th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWIM 2016)
ACM Digital Library
Controlling Variability in Split-Merge Systems
Iryna Tsimashenka, William J. Knottenbelt, Peter G. Harrison
Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications (ASMTA 2012)
May, 2012
Mean-field analysis of Markov models with reward feedback [PDF]
Anton Stefanek, Richard Hayden, Marc Mac Gonagle, Jeremy T. Bradley
ASMTA 2012, 19th International Conference on Analytic and Stochastic Modelling Techniques and Applications
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag


Basic Theory and Some Applications of Martingales [PDF]
Richard Hayden
12th Joint ACM SIGMETRICS/IFIP Performance Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems

National Workshop Papers

Using Fluid Queues to Model Energy Storage and Distribution [PDF]
Gareth Jones, Peter G. Harrison
Imperial College Energy and Performance Colloquium (ICEP)
April, 2012
Convergence of ODE approximations and bounds on performance models in the steady-state [PDF]
Richard Hayden
9th Workshop on Process Algebra and Stochastically Timed Activities (PASTA 2010)
August, 2010

PhD Thesis

Scalable Performance Analysis of Massively Parallel Stochastic Systems [PDF]
Richard Hayden
Imperial College London
March, 2011


Fluid Queue Models of Renewable Energy Storage [PDF]
Gareth Jones, Peter G. Harrison, Uli Harder, A. J. Field
6th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools (VALUETOOLS 2012)
September, 2012

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