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Theory of Computational Systems

Journal Articles

Symmetric Electoral Systems for Ambient Calculi
Iain Phillips, Maria Vigliotti
Information and Computation
Volume 206, Issue 1, pp.34–72
January, 2008
Numerical Integration with Exact Arithmetic [GZipped Postscript]
Abbas Edalat, Marko Krznaric
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 1644, pp.90–104

Electronic Journal Article

Domain--Theoretic Solution of Differential Equations (Scalar Fields) [Postscript]
Abbas Edalat, Marko Krznaric, Lieutier
Volume 83
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Conference and Workshop Papers

Parameterised Multiparty Session Types [PDF]
Andi Bejleri, Pierre-Malo , Raymond Hu, Nobuko Yoshida
International Conference on Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures
Volume 6014, Issue 2010, pp.128–145
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag
March, 2010
From X to Pi: Representing Classical Sequent Calculus in Pi-calculus [PDF]
Luca Cardelli, Steffen van Bakel, Maria Vigliotti
International Workshop on Classical Logic and Computation (CL&C'08)
Stochastic Ambient Calculus
Maria Vigliotti, Peter G. Harrison
International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages (QAPL'06)
Volume 164, pp.169–186
ENTCS, Elsevier

Proceedings Edited

Computing a RequiredAbsolute Precision from a Stream of Linear Fractional Transformations [Postscript]
Marko Krznaric
Volume 2064, pp.169–186
Lecture Notes in Computer Science

PhD Thesis

Solving Differential Equations in Exact Real Arithmetic
Marko Krznaric
September, 2005


Intracellular Fate of FGFRs with BioAmbients [PDF]
Maria Vigliotti, Steffen van Bakel, John Heath
Spatial 2009 - Overcoming Distance in Signaling Networks.

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