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A Logical Interpretation of the Lambda-Calculus into the Pi-Calculus, Preserving Spine Reduction and Types

Steffen van Bakel, Maria Vigliotti

Conference or Workshop Paper
20th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR'09)
0th International Conference on Concurrency Theory ( CONCUR'09)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 5710

We define a new, output-based encoding of the lambda-calculus into the asynchronous pi-calculus – enriched with pairing – that has its origin in mathematical logic, and show that this encoding respects one-step spine-reduction up to substitution, and that normal substitution is respected up to similarity.

We will also show that it fully encodes lazy reduction of closed terms, in that term-substitution as well as each reduction step are modelled up to similarity.

We then define a notion of type assignment for the pi-calculus that uses the type constructor "arrow", and show that all Curry-assignable types are preserved by the encoding.

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