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Optimal Implementation of Combinational Logic on Lookup Tables

Kubilay Atasu, Timothy Todman, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk

Conference or Workshop Paper
The Fourth Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME'08), Istanbul, Turkey.
June, 2008

We present a methodology for optimally implementing combinational logic equations on networks of look-up tables. Our work effectively extends optimality to span logic minimization and technology mapping. We restrict ourselves to 4-input look-up tables (LUTs) and enumerate all possible circuits up to a certain area or latency. Since simple-minded enumeration would take a long time, we develop levels of abstractions (steps) and we formulate the key step of enumeration as an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) problem. We show results on a set of ISCAS benchmarks.

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