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Motion selective encoding for fast cine imaging

Guang-Zhong Yang, J. Keegan, D.N. Firmin

Journal Article
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Volume 42
Issue 3
September, 1999

In magnetic resonance (MR) cine imaging applications, it is common that only a fraction of the field of view is used for delineating dynamic features whereas surrounding static structures are merely served as landmarks for three-dimensional orientation. This paper presents a method of using motion-selective encoding for fast cine imaging. By the use of a simple RF saturation pulse, the imaging field of view was divided into two areas, one with motion and the other without. This allowed the static material to be imaged by fast ungated acquisition and dynamic structures by reduced phase encoding. Issues related to phase error correction were addressed and the proposed algorithm was validated using images acquired from five normal subjects. The saving in imaging time was dependent on the size of the moving structures and a 35% reduction in imaging time did not cause visually noticeable changes in image quality. The application of the technique is limited to cine images with large surrounding static structures and a theoretical analysis of maximum savings in imaging time in relation to the size of the moving structures within the image field of view is provided.

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