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Motion-Compensated MR Valve Imaging with COMB Tag Tracking and Super-Resolution Enhancement

Andrew Dowsey, J. Keegan, Mirna Lerotic, Simon A. McG. Thom, D.N. Firmin, Guang-Zhong Yang

Conference or Workshop Paper
Medical Image Computing and Computer Aided Intervention - MICCAI 2006

MR imaging of the heart valve leaflets is a challenging problem due to their large movements throughout the cardiac cycle. This paper presents a motion-compensated imaging approach with COMB tagging for valve imaging. It involves an automatic method for tracking the full 3D motion of the valve plane so as to provide a motion-tracked acquisition scheme. Super-resolution enhancement is then applied to the slice-select direction so that the partial vol-ume effect is minimised. In vivo results have shown that in terms of slice posi-tioning, the method leads to accuracy equivalent to a manual approach whilst being quicker and more consistent. The use of multiple parallel COMB tags will permit adaptive imaging that follows tissue motion. This will have signifi-cant implications for quantification of cardiac function and tracking anatomy, functions that are traditionally difficult in MRI.

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