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P2P query reformulation over Both-as-View data transformation rules

Peter McBrien, Alexandra Poulovassilis

Conference or Workshop Paper
Databases, Information Systems and Peer-to-Peer Computing (DBISP2P 2006), Seoul, Korea
September, 2006

The both-as-view (BAV) approach to data integration has the advantage of specifying mappings between schemas in a bidirectional manner, so that once a BAV mapping has been established between two schemas, queries may be exchanged in either direction between the schemas. By defining public schemas shared between peers, this allows peers to exchange queries via a public schema without the requirement for any one peer to hold the public schema data.

In this paper we discuss the reformulation of queries over BAV transformation pathways, and demonstrate the use of this reformulation in two modes of query processing. In the first mode, public schemas are shared between peers and queries posed on the public schema can be reformulated into queries over any data sources that have been mapped to the public schema. In the second, queries are posed on the schema of a data source, and are reformulated into queries on another data source via any public schema to which both data sources have been mapped.

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