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Coupling Process Models and Business Rules

Peter McBrien, Anne Helga Seltveit

Conference or Workshop Paper
Proceedings of the IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference: Information System Development for Decentralised Organisations, Trondheim, Norway
Chapman Hall

Two techniques commonly used in the conceptual modelling of information systems are process modelling and business rule modelling. In this paper we propose a technique for associating certain types business rules with structures in a process modelling language. This coupling of the two models allows them to be used as complimentary languages in conceptual modelling; the process language being suitable when modelling how activities interact, whilst the business rule model is suitable when we need to make precise statements about a certain activity. The ability to model certain aspects of business rules within the process model is particularly important in distributed organisations, where the process model may be used as a means of communication between different parts of the organisation. The coupling also serves (1) to make apparent what effect re-engineering of one model has on the structure of the other model, and (2) indicate how the process model may be used to drive the creation of business rules.

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