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Role-Based Access Control for Publish/Subscribe Middleware Architectures

Andras Belokosztolszki, David Eyers, Peter Pietzuch, Jean Bacon, Ken Moody

Conference or Workshop Paper
2nd international workshop on Distributed event-based systems (DEBS 2003)
June, 2003
DOI 10.1145/966618.966622

Research into publish/subscribe messaging has so far done little to propose architectures for the support of access control, yet this will be an increasingly critical requirement as systems move to Internet-scale. This paper discusses the general requirements of publish/subscribe systems with access control. We then present our specific integration of OASIS role-based access control into the Hermes publish/subscribe middleware platform. Our system supports many advanced features, such as the ability to work within a network where nodes are attributed different levels of trust, and employs a variety of access restriction methods which balance expressiveness with the content-based routing optimisations available. We illustrate our achievements by discussing an application scenario in which our system will be of particular use.

Distributed Software Engineering
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