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Non-Rigid 2D-3D Registration with Catheter Tip EM Tracking for Patient Specific Bronchoscope Simulation

Fani Deligianni, Adrian Chung, Guang-Zhong Yang

Conference or Workshop Paper
Medical Image Computing and Computer Aided Intervention - MICCAI 2006

This paper investigates the use of Active Shape Models (ASM) to capture the variability of the intra-thoracic airway tree. The method significantly reduces the dimensionality of the non-rigid 2D/3D registration problem and leads to a rapid and robust registration framework. EM tracking data has been also incorporated through a probabilistic framework for providing a statistically optimal pose given both the EM and the image-based registration measurements. Comprehensive phantom experiments have been conducted to assess the key numerical factors involved in using catheter tip EM tracking for deformable 2D/3D registration.

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