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A Semantic Approach to Integrating XML and Structured Data Sources

Peter McBrien, Alexandra Poulovassilis

Conference or Workshop Paper
13th International Conference on Advanced Information System Engineering (CAiSE 2001), Interlaken, Switzerland
June, 2001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 2068
Springer-Verlag, LNCS
ISBN 3-540-42215-3
ISSN 0302-9743

XML is fast becoming the standard for information exchange on the WWW. As such, information expressed in XML will need to be integrated with existing information systems, which are mostly based on structured data models such as relational, object-oriented or object/relational data models. This paper shows how our previous framework for integrating heterogeneous structured data sources can also be used for integrating XML data sources with each other and/or with other structured data sources. Our framework allows constructs from multiple modelling languages to co-exist within the same intermediate schema, and allows automatic translation of data, queries and updates between semantically equivalent or overlapping heterogenous schemas.

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