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Amalgamating the Session Types and the Object Oriented Programming Paradigms

Sophia Drossopoulou, Dezani Dezani-Ciancaglini, Mario Coppo

Conference or Workshop Paper
Multiparadigm Programming with Object-Oriented Languages 2007 (an ECOOP workshop)
August, 2007

We suggest an amalgamation of the session type and the object oriented

paradigm whereby sessions are amalgamated with methods; where threads

consist of the execution of session bodies on objects and communicate with each

other through asynchronously sending/receiving objects on channels; where the

choice on how to respond to a session request is based on the name of the request

and the class of the object receiving the request; where the choice on how to continue

a session is made on the basis of the class of the object sent/received; and

where sessions are not first class, but can be delegated to other sessions.

We demonstrate our ideas through a small language, STOOP , and an example.

We formalize a smaller calculus, Feather^{STOOP} , and give a formal definition, and

prove subject reduction and progress. The latter property is notoriously difficult

and sometimes impossible to achieve in sessions languages, however it holds in Feather^{STOOP} .

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