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A Sip of the Chalice

Azalea Raad, Sophia Drossopoulou

Conference or Workshop Paper
July, 2011

Chalice is a veri cation tool for object-based concurrent programs. It supports veri cation of functional properties of the programs as well as providing a deadlock prevention mechanism. It is built on Implicit Dynamic Frames, fractional permissions and permission transfer.

Implicit Dynamic Frames have been formulated and proven sound using veri cation conditions and axiomatisation of the heap and stack. Verification in Chalice is speci ed in terms of weakest preconditions and havocing the heap.

In this paper we give a formalisation of the part of Chalice concerned with functional properties. We describe its operational semantics, Hoare logic and sketch the soundness proof. Our system is parametric with respect to the underlying assertion language.

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