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Real-Time Monocular SLAM with Straight Lines

Paul Smith, Ian Reid, Andrew Davison

Conference or Workshop Paper
British Machine Vision Conference
September, 2006
Volume 1
ISBN 1-904410-14-6

The use of line features in real-time visual tracking applications is common-

place when a prior map is available, but building the map while tracking in

real-time is much more difficult. We describe how straight lines can be added

to a monocular Extended Kalman Filter Simultaneous Mapping and Locali-

sation (EKF SLAM) system in a manner that is both fast and which integrates

easily with point features. To achieve real-time operation, we present a fast

straight-line detector that hypothesises and tests straight lines connecting de-

tected seed points. We demonstrate that the resulting system provides good

camera localisation and mapping in real-time on a standard workstation, us-

ing either line features alone, or lines and points combined.

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