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Motion Analysis in the Assessment of Surgical Skill

Vivek Datta, Sean Mackay, Ara Darzi, Duncan Gillies

Journal Article
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical engineering
Volume 4
Taylor and Francis
ISSN 1025-5842

Manual sikill is now widely recognised as an important aspect of training in surgery. However, measurement of the skill of a surgeon has in the past been rather subjective in nature, relying on the judgement of experts in the analysis of videotapes. Objective measurements can be made by analysing the velocities of a surgeon's hands during a procedure. In particular we have found that the number of movements made during a typical procedure will decrease as the surgeon's skill increases. Velocity traces display purposeful movements corrupted by uncorrelated noise from sources such as hand tremor and measurement artefacts. However we have found that it is possible to filter the noise effectively. Furthermore, we have shown that the skill measurement obtained by counting movements is highly robust to over or under filtering.

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