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A Synthesizable Datapath-Oriented Embedded FPGA Fabric for Silicon Debug Applications

Steve Wilton, Chun Ho, Bradley Quinton, Philip Leong, Wayne Luk

Journal Article
ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems
Volume 1
Issue 1
March, 2008
ACM Press

We present an architecture for a synthesizable datapath-oriented FPGA core which can be used to provide post-fabrication flexibility to an SoC. Our architecture is optimized for bus-based operations and employs a directional routing architecture, which allows it to be synthesized using standard ASIC design tools and flows. The primary motivation for this architecture is to provide an efficient mechanism to support on-chip debugging. The fabric can also be used to implement other datapath-oriented circuits such as those needed in signal processing and computation-intensive applications. We evaluate our architecture using a set of benchmark circuits and compare it to previous fabrics in terms of area, speed, and power consumption.

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