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Dynamic Range Extension of Cine Velocity Measurements Using Motion Registered Spatio-Temporal Phase Unwrapping

Guang-Zhong Yang, P Burger, P.J. Kilner, Stefan P. Karwatowski, D.N. Firmin

Journal Article
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Volume 6
Issue 3
June, 1996

A motion-registered spatiotemporal phase-unwrapping method for extending the dynamic range of cine magnetic resonance phase velocity measurements is presented. The interframe cardiac movement is estimated from the magnitude image derived from the velocity encoded raw data, which ensures that the phase signal is unwrapped in the temporal direction with reference to pixels belonging to the same anatomic flow region. An extra step of spatial phase correction is then used to further eliminate any residual errors. The combination of spatial and temporal information for phase unwrapping provides a robust way of extending the dynamic range of cine velocity data in the presence of large phase aliasing errors.

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