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Modelling tools and techniques for the performance analysis of wireless protocols

Ashok Argent-Katwala, Jeremy T. Bradley, Nil Geisweiller, Stephen T. Gilmore, Nigel Thomas

Book Chapter
Advances in Wireless Networks: Performance Modelling, Analysis and Enhancement
Issue 1
October, 2007
Nova Science Publishers, Inc
ISBN 1-60021-713-3

In this chapter, we show how a stochastic process algebra, PEPA, can be used to describe performance models of wireless network protocols. We highlight the existing body of tools and modelling techniques to demonstrate the different types of performance analysis that are possible on the underlying Markov model. We present a case study of the 802.11 family of protocols, which we analyse to obtain quality of service measurements in the form of passage time quantiles.

Process Algebra
Stochastic Modelling
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