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WSRP Reincarnation of Service Oriented Architecture

Asif Akram, Rob Allan

All Hands Meeting 2005 (AHM 2005), Nottingham, UK
September, 2005

Portlets are not confined to one portal framework; Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) defines standard for interactive, user-facing Web services to make portlets hosted by geographically distributed portal frameworks accessible in single portal. WSRP specifies protocol which is focused on transferring the mark-up fragments generated by portlet producers to be consumed by portal/non-portal and Web/non-Web applications. This remote sharing of portlets will greatly ease the construction of large-scale portal based systems, or Virtual Research Environment, enabling them to be more scaleable, manageable and maintainable; core theme of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). WSRP is suggested to be natural tool for SOA systems; provides the missing presentation layer with additional needed features in the existing SOA.

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